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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Audio Orchestrator

 The BBC Audio Orchestrator is freely available as part of the BBC R&D's Connected Studio Makerbox It was produced by the Audio Team to enable users to create immersive, interactive sound experiences. Users may connect their laptops, tablets and mobile devices to make any audio project into 360° spatial audio that envelops listeners in sound from above or behind, in order to tell a story in a new and unique way. It may be used at home or as part of an event. 

The software is designed to enable experimentation and creativity in the delivery of an audio experience. However, it is conceived principally as a novel dissemination platform. The idea of this project is to engage with the creative spirit of the software by identifying and exploring novel ways in which it may become a digital score. This may repurpose the built-in functionality of the Audio Orchestrator in a way that takes it beyond the re-purposing of work originally intended for more conventional linear broadcast.  

The project builds on my previous work with the Audio Orchestrator: Spectrum Sounds. That project was essentially a remixing of compositions originally created for conventional stereo listening. In Digital Syzygies the focus will be on composing for and in the Audio Orchestrator form the outset.

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